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I grew up in rural surroundings and learned an affinity for nature and its inhabitants.  When I got older, one of my first purchases was a 35mm camera.  Immediately, it was taken outside.  Over the years I have build up a collection of equipment in a never ending search for greater resolution and sharpness.  I have gone from 35mm film, to large-format 4X5 film, to digital.  ...And I have learned that they are just tools.

The progress in technology has made it easy to get creative with photography.  In film work, the  photographer would express himself in the choice of film emulsion, exposure, darkroom technique, filters and the like.  Nowadays, digital image processing has replaced much of that.  But truthfully, less has changed than many people think.  Art has always been more about creative expression than merely documenting reality.

However, as a photographer, I take seriously that I am expressing something real. For me, this does not limit my work; rather it adds meaning to it.  

Michael Snider

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